March 26, 2021 Video

So many of the challenges we face in Washington don't just pit the red team against the blue team, they're generational challenges. Right-wing populists and left-wing populists CAN work together.

(Fox News, Fox News Primetime, 03/25/2021)

March 25, 2021 Video

HASC Democrats weren't talking about North Korea, Iran, or China today, they were wondering if we should check the social media accounts of our service members to see if they once liked a "Pepe the Frog" meme. Cancel culture is alive and well, and it's coming for our military. (Fox News, Hannity, 03/24/2021)

March 25, 2021 Video

Democrats are increasingly using "extremism" as a euphemism to describe conservatives, Republicans, and the group they hate most...Trump supporters. Today’s House Armed Services hearing on “extremism in the military” was nothing more than cancel culture coming for our military.

March 25, 2021 Video

Today’s HASC hearing on “extremism in the military” is a total joke. It is about nothing more than cancel culture coming for our military. We ought to tread carefully because our fellow Americans do not take kindly to this type of tyranny. (House Armed Services Committee, 03/24/2021)

March 23, 2021 Video

If you want to come to Florida and enjoy freedom, go to a restaurant, go to the beach, go fishing, get a little weird (not too weird...) then as we say in the deep south, y'all come! But if you're coming to cause damage and harm, you'll be held accountable. (Fox News, Hannity, 03/22/2021)

March 22, 2021 Video

For Nancy Pelosi, the crisis on our southern border is not an unintended consequence, it is THE intended consequence. Democrats want illegal immigrants voting in our elections.

(Fox News, Hannity, 03/19/2021)

March 19, 2021 Video

America will not beat China in a world in which we portray weakness. Donald Trump portrayed strength. Joe Biden portrays weakness. (Fox News, Hannity, 03/18/2021)

March 18, 2021 Video

I have direct intelligence from Northern Triangle countries that these cartels and waves of illegal immigrants aren't just being fueled by organized crime. They're also being funded by U.S. taxpayers. (The Chris Salcedo Show, Newsmax, 03/17/2021)

March 17, 2021 Video

Congressman Matt Gaetz speaks on the CPAC 2021 panel "Foreign Policy: Peace Through Strength for a New Generation."