***UPDATE: December 2018 Partial Government Shutdown Information

December 22, 2018
Press Release

The Senate’s refusal to pass a funding bill with border security funds make it look more and more like we are heading for a shutdown.

If this happens, it will only be a “partial shutdown,” because 3/4 of the government has already been funded. The Department of Defense has already been funded for the entire year, so military personnel and operations will be unaffected by the shutdown.

Several of you have contacted my office to ask about national parks, like Gulf Islands National Seashore. Unlike shutdowns in previous years, national parks are expected to remain OPEN — though they will not be staffed by personnel, and the facilities (like restrooms and visitor centers) will be closed.

The House and Senate have both passed an extension of the National Flood Insurance Program until May 2019, so, pending President Trump’s signature, flood insurance coverage will not lapse.

Here are how other agencies and departments will be affected (or not) by the shutdown:

  • Mail will continue as usual
  • Social Security checks will be mailed as usual
  • Medicare and Medicaid coverage will continue like normal
  • TSA agents will still work, and flights will stay on schedule
  • HUD housing voucher payments will continue 
  • HUD grants will continue
  • Ginnie Mae will continue to guarantee mortgage securities
  • The Federal Housing Administration will slow its loan processing and approval; new loan applications may be paused
  • EPA emergency cleanup projects will continue
  • USDA will continue to inspect meat, poultry, and eggs
  • Federal courts will remain open (for about three weeks, but by that point the shutdown should be resolved)
  • Railroad inspectors will continue to work
  • Amtrak will continue to run
  • Highway toll booths, because they are primarily staffed by state employees, will continue normal operations
  • My Congressional office will continue to process casework and constituent requests.

For more information about national parks, see here and here.

For more information about agencies affected by the shutdown, see here and here.

The House is scheduled to be in session tomorrow (Saturday, December 22) — though without further action from the Senate, we have nothing to vote on yet. Negotiations will likely continue quite late.

I will keep you posted as things develop, and for breaking updates, check my Facebook and Twitter!