Gaetz Statement on Supplemental Appropriations Act

May 10, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Gaetz released the following statement today after the House voted on the Supplemental Appropriations Act:


“President Trump has used the full extent of his executive power to assist victims of Hurricane Michael.  The Trump Administration funded 100% of debris removal for the max-allowed 45 days, picked up a 90% federal cost share and deployed hundreds of millions of dollars for housing.


By contrast, today’s appropriations bill was a sham. Not only was the Supplemental Appropriations Act inadequate in its disaster funding, it was exceedingly wasteful in other, unrelated areas. I voted against this bill because I believe Congress should address disaster aid on its own, not coupled with additional funding for Obamacare, limitations on border security, or block grants to benefit Planned Parenthood.


Less than 30% of the $17 billion for disaster relief will be used in Fiscal Year 2019. This spending bill is a bad deal for Florida and for American taxpayers.


Today marks eight months since Hurricane Michael made landfall. Families and communities across Florida are still in need of relief. I am proud to have worked with Governor Ron DeSantis, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rick Scott, and President Trump to increase the federal cost-share limit and secure nearly a billion dollars in much-needed disaster aid for Florida. This is a real step forward. Today’s disaster package, on the other hand, is simply a Democrat wish list.


I will continue working my colleagues in the House and Senate to ensure that a better and less wasteful disaster relief bill will be passed quickly — one that will allow the people of Northwest Florida to get the assistance they deserve.”