Gaetz Amendment Passes Committee; Requests Information About Clinton and Comey Scandals

July 27, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC: On Wednesday, July 26, Congressman Matt Gaetz brought an amendment before the House Judiciary Committee, seeking answers to questions that have weighed heavily on the minds of American voters. In his amendment, which passed the House Judiciary Committee and has been reported favorably to the House, Rep. Gaetz requested documents and information from President Trump and Attorney General Sessions surrounding the firing of former FBI Director James B. Comey, and Mr. Comey’s knowledge of, and connection to, the many worrisome scandals of the previous administration.

Rep. Gaetz’s amendment requires information concerning former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s infamous and improper ‘tarmac meeting’ with Bill Clinton, which took place while Hillary Clinton was under investigation. It also requests information about:

  • Ms. Lynch’s controversial demand that Mr. Comey mislead the public by calling the Clinton investigation a “matter”;
  • Leaks of classified correspondence from Mr. Comey to the press, in the hopes of starting a special counsel headed by Mr. Comey’s longtime friend, Robert Mueller;
  • The ethically dubious and potentially criminal “pay-for-play” connections between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department;
  • Hillary Clinton’s worrisome decision to sell American uranium reserves to Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, and whether that sale endangered national security;
  • Mr. Comey’s improper decision to usurp the authority of the Attorney General, by announcing that no charges would be brought against Hillary Clinton for her highly dangerous use of a private email server;
  • Mr. Comey’s hasty and ill-conceived decision to pre-emptively pardon Hillary Clinton’s IT staff, despite their active destruction of documents requested by a subpoena;
  • Mr. Comey’s knowledge of the company ‘Fusion GPS,’ and their creation of a falsehood-ridden “dossier” about then-candidate Donald Trump, and the connections between Fusion GPS and foreign intelligence agencies; and
  • The role of Mr. Comey and former National Security Adviser Ms. Susan Rice in “unmasking” people involved with then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, and the subsequent widespread dissemination of that information to intelligence agencies.

When asked about his amendment, Congressman Gaetz said: “The American people deserve answers. The Obama-Clinton scandals should not be forgotten or forgiven just because Hillary Clinton lost the election. The rule of law still matters. It is past time to appoint a special counsel to investigate the real crimes and the real criminals. As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I will continue to call for justice and robust oversight.”



For more information, please contact Kavontae Smalls, Communications Director for Congressman Gaetz, at (850) 479-1183.