Congressman Matt Gaetz Skewers Democrats’ Urgency to Impeach President Trump at Impeachment Hearing

December 9, 2019
Press Release

“This impeachment process demonstrates the worst in us”

Washington, D.C. — Today, in the House Judiciary Committee hearing on impeachment, U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) criticized Democrats for rushing the impeachment process, while dragging their feet on legislative issues that resonate with the American people.

Rep. Gaetz highlighted the record of the Majority’s witness and counsel, Daniel Goldman. In addition to being a substantial Democratic donor, Mr. Goldman has frequently attacked the President on Twitter. Specifically, Rep. Gaetz highlighted one of Mr. Goldman’s smears, and proved his claims to be false.

The video of Rep. Gaetz speaking at the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment hearing, and a rough transcript, can be found below. 




Rep. Gaetz: The last public opinion poll I saw showed Congress had an approval rating of 9%. By contrast, Muammar Gaddafi had an approval rating of 13% and his own people dragged him into the streets and killed him. This impeachment process demonstrates the worst in us and it is depriving us the opportunity to raise our gaze and meet the needs of the American people. 

“Unless you have bipartisan consensus, impeachment is a divisive issue in the country many people would think it's being done for political reasons,” said by Nancy Pelosi, May 2018. 

And here we are, in the most partisan presidential impeachment in American history. Matter of fact, when we opened the inquiry, no republicans vote with the Democrats, and you had Democrats voting with us in the only bipartisan vote to shut down this impeachment.

That brings to us your role, Mr. Goldman. Are you here as a partisan advocate for the democrat position or are you here as a nonpartisan investigator of the facts? 

Mr. Goldman: I’m here to present the report that we did on our investigation which was totally and completely reliant on the actual evidence that we uncovered, the witness testimony, and the documents.

Rep. Gaetz: Are you a partisan?

Mr. Goldman: I’m not a partisan.

Rep. Gaetz: Mr. Castor, how long have you worked for the House?

Mr. Castor: Since 2005.

Rep. Gaetz: And same question, Mr. Goldman. 

Mr. Goldman: For the House? since earlier this year.

Rep. Gaetz: Mr. Castor, do you make political donations?

Mr. Castor: I don't remember any. 

Rep. Gaetz: Mr. Goldman, same question, do you make political donations? 

Mr. Goldman: I do, sir. I think it's very important… 

Rep. Gaetz: Matter of fact, you've given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, right?

Mr. Goldman: I think it's important to support candidates for office…

Rep. Gaetz: Have you given over a hundred thousand? I just want to know the number. I don’t really care the basis.

Mr. Goldman: You don't care about it.

Rep. Gaetz: The basis, I just want the number. Is it tens…

Mr. Goldman: I don't know how much money.

Rep. Gaetz: Do you know how much money Mr. Burke has given Democrats?

Mr. Goldman: I don't know.

Rep. Gaetz: Would it surprise you if it's more than a hundred thousand?

Mr. Goldman: I’m here to talk about this report. I’m happy to talk to you about this report.

Rep. Gaetz: You gave tens of thousands; Mr. Burke gave more than a hundred thousand. Do you think if you had given more money, you'd be able to answer questions like Mr. Burke did? I guess it's something you're still pondering.

Mr. Castor, have you ever tweeted anything at the President?

Mr. Castor: No.

Rep. Gaetz: Mr. Goldman, same question.

Mr. Goldman: I have made a number of tweets in my private capacity before I came to this job when I was working in the media, yes. 

Rep. Gaetz: Matter of fact, this is one of those tweets, right? And you said, nothing in the dossier is proven false, but in fact the dossier said there was a Russian consulate in Miami, when there isn't. The dossier said that Michael Cohen had a meeting in Prague when he didn't.

The dossier said that Michael Cohen’s wife was Russian, she's, in fact, Ukrainian. And so, as we sit here today, where you I guess got a tweet mentioning a pee tape presenting yourself not as a partisan, hired by the Democrats to pursue the President, do you regret this tweet?

Mr. Goldman: Sir, I would be happy to put this investigation up with any of the nonpartisan investigations…

Rep. Gaetz: I just want to know if you regret the tweet.

Mr. Goldman: During my tenure as a prosecutor.

Rep. Gaetz: Do you regret it?

Mr. Goldman: I hope you read the evidence and judge for yourself whether it's partisan or not.

Rep. Gaetz: I guess you don't want to answer the question. You know what Mr. Chairman? Earlier in this hearing, you said in your opening statement, that there is nothing more urgent than impeachment right now. This is the most urgent thing we could possibly do.

You know what? If you're a senior right now and you can't afford your prescription drugs, that's more urgent than this. If you're a manufacturer wanting to dominate the western hemisphere with the passage of the USCMA, that is more urgent. If you're a farmer who wants to open markets so that your family can survive and thrive, that is a lot more urgent than this partisan process.

If you're a desperate family member, watching someone succumb to addiction, solving the opioid problem, probably more urgent than this partisan impeachment. If you're a member of the next generation, dealing with the challenges of extinction and climate change, a budget that's out of control, driving up the credit card of young people in this country and what they'll have to pay back as a consequence of our poor decisions, likely more urgent. 

But House Democrats have failed at all of these things. Matter of fact, I’d say the only thing under the Christmas tree for most Americans would be a lump of coal, but I think they're against coal too. The only thing under the Christmas tree for Americans would be impeachment and investigations.

I’ve heard over and over Democrats say that this is all about the President's “personal interest” and that he abandoned the national interest. And it begs an analysis of how the nation is doing. In November, 266,000 jobs created. 80,000 over the average. Half a million more manufacturing jobs in the Trump presidency. 700,000 construction jobs.

We are doing better than ever before. The American people are thriving. Why won't you help us move along the critical issues that are far more important than your partisan impeachment?