Congressman Matt Gaetz Hits Twitter with FEC Complaint, Accuses Platform of “Domestic Election Interference”

May 29, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) today filed a complaint against the social network company Twitter, accusing the tech giant of interference in federal elections “by affixing a dubious “fact-check” link to certain statements of President Donald J. Trump,” and thus “making an in-kind contribution to his political opponents.”


On Tuesday, Twitter labeled two of President Donald Trump’s tweets with “fact checks,” directing users who click on their labels to a Twitter “story” which called the President’s claims “unsubstantiated.” In doing so, Twitter overstepped boundaries and set aside its privileged role as a mere “interactive computer service,” and instead began acting as a “shadow contributor” to the Democratic National Committee, according to Congressman Gaetz’s complaint.


Congressman Gaetz announced his complaint last night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” and asserted that by adding this so-called “fact check” feature to the President’s tweets, Twitter was engaging in “domestic election interference.”


“If someone is going to assert that they are a nonbiased neutral platform, we should not just take that as an article of faith. The Federal Election Commission needs to get off their duff. Twitter is interfering with an election. If we just wait around, big tech will steal this election from Donald Trump and the American people,” said Congressman Gaetz.



Video of Congressman Gaetz’s appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is available below. A copy of the complaint sent to the Federal Election Commission may be found PDF iconHERE.