Congressman Matt Gaetz Calls for President Trump to Release Memo During State of the Union

January 30, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. While leading a Special Order on the House floor last night, Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) called on President Donald Trump to release the four-page FISA Memo during the State of the Union.

The following members participated in the Special Order: Andy Biggs (AZ-05), Blake Farenthold (TX-27), Steve King (IA-04), Lee Zeldin (NY-01), and Doug Lamborn (CO-05).

Video and transcript of the floor speech can be found below.

“Tomorrow, the President of the United States will walk down the center aisle and address this floor. I hope the first thing he does is hand to the Speaker of the House his consent and his agreement to allow transparency to reign, to declassify this memo, and put it before the American people. And then let's have a great debate about its consequences and the opportunity it presents to make things better, so these things never happen again,” Rep. Gaetz said.