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Congressman Matt Gaetz

Representing the 1st District of Florida

Congressman Gaetz Issues Letter to Ways and Means Committee Urging Consideration of Bill to End Tax-Exempt Status of NFL

October 12, 2017
Press Release


Washington, D.C. — Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL-1) issued the following letter this week to the Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX-8), urging the committee to end the tax-exempt status of professional sports leagues, including the National Football League (NFL). Earlier this month, Rep. Gaetz introduced H.R.296, known as the Pro Sports Act, following the unpatriotic demonstrations led by NFL athletes during the National Anthem. Cosponsors of the Pro Sports Act now include Reps. Blake Farenthold (R-TX-27) and Mo Brooks (R-AL-5).

Excerpts from Rep. Gaetz’s letter include:                                                         

“I share my fellow Americans’ feelings of disgust when I see multimillionaire athletes disrespecting our flag and our country. Watching these unpatriotic displays is why I recently became the lead sponsor of H.R. 296, the Pro Sports Act, which ends special tax breaks given to professional sports associations. It is hard to believe that professional sports, which generate billions of dollars in revenue every year, are given special carve-outs in the tax code — carve-outs that are not given to the businesses and families in our districts.

“These tax breaks are corporate welfare of the highest order, made even more unpalatable by players protesting our flag and our National Anthem. If players and teams want to protest, they have every right to do so — but they should do it on their own time, and on their own dime. The American people shouldn’t have to pay for it,” Rep. Gaetz said.

The full text of the letter can be found HERE