Unity? Matt Gaetz says Democrats want to cancel conservatives

January 21, 2021
In The News

A U.S. Congressman from the Panhandle contends the left wants to erase conservatives from the digital sphere and the culture itself.

During an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity Wednesday night, Rep. Matt Gaetz lambasted Democrats for pushing stories about conservatives like him that are patently untrue. He appeared in the segment with Rep. Lauren Boebert, a controversial new Congresswoman who came under fire for giving a tour before the violence of Jan. 6 in the Capitol.

Though President Joe Biden says he wants “unity,” Gaetz contends that Biden and the left won’t be happy until conservatives are effectively silenced, with the left desiring to “cancel [conservatives] from the public square all together.”

“I guess they’ve caught us,” Gaetz joked. “Lauren Boebert‘s leading recon tours for insurrectionists. I abducted the Lindbergh Baby. Jim Jordan knows what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. And Devin Nunes was on the grassy knoll.”

“I guess to go along with these very fake allegations against Republicans we see, there are real consequences for our fellow Americans who are being erased in the digital space, who are being targeted in the real life and the flesh, who are entering a period of time where Joe Biden tells us to accept unity, but that unity appears to be at the expense of anyone who offers dissent or disagreement,” Gaetz said.

“They don’t want to just have a debate or a discussion, but it appears they want to cancel us from the public square all together.”

Gaetz, a Fox News mainstay, is known for his quotable comments in segments, and it’s clear the Biden administration will offer him new material. A recent controversial appearance on the same Hannity program saw Gaetz compare the Biden administration to suicide in a bathtub.

“It’s not just like tear-rolling-down-the-side-of-the-cheek depressing,” Gaetz quipped. “It’s draw-the-warm-bath-and-get-a-sharp-blade depressing.”