Rep. Gaetz blames mainstream media for going easy on Gov. Cuomo for nursing home scandal

February 17, 2021
In The News

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida discussed in an interview Saturday the "tale of two governors", Gov. De Santis of his own state, and Gov. Cuomo in New York.

On Fox's "Justice with Jeanine", Gaetz gave very scathing criticism for Cuomo and the way the nursing home scandal was handled.

The Florida Congressman and author of the book "Firebrand" also had very strong words for many mainstream media outlets who largely did not report negatively on Cuomo's alleged misdeeds.

"Everyone's familiar with the Times Square game of card hustles, but here [in NY state] they were playing three card monte with grandma. Moving folks from nursing homes to hospitals, and then injecting the virus right back into nursing homes," he said.

"You really do see in New York and Florida a tale of two governors, a tale of two states."

The host then asked about the media's involvement in helping Cuomo cover up the fiasco which happened in nursing homes throughout NY State.

"The media is absolutely culpable in advancing this mythology of Cuomo that is belied by the facts. And the facts keep getting uglier and uglier," Gaetz said

"The 45th president put us on the path to the fastest, safest vaccine development the world has ever know. And we are still seeing the consequence of President Trump's actions in the saving of lives and, sadly, we're only starting to unearth the extent to which the actions of Gov. Cuomo cost lives," he continued.