Matt Gaetz primes Pensacola for Donald Trump’s arrival after Joe Biden ‘beatdown’

October 26, 2020
In The News

A Congressman with a national profile and the state’s CFO were among the people speaking ahead of President Donald Trump in Pensacola Friday.

Rep.  Matt Gaetz, amped up, joked that “I told them to give me the night off Fox News tonight … tonight I’m going to be with my people in Pensacola.”

“Who watched our President whoop Joe Biden on that debate last night? I hope Joe Biden has his dental records,” Gaetz said, so “they can identify him after that beatdown.”

The Congressman said “this is the place where we cling to our guns, and our Bibles, and the grip is only getting stronger.”

The “silent majority,” contended Gaetz, is “getting louder and louder every day.”

Gaetz was by no means alone, with a cross section of Panhandle Republicans on hand.

U.S. Rep. Neal Dunn extolled the President’s accomplishments as “nothing short of incredible.”

“Donald Trump is a champion. He’s a champion for all of us,” Dunn said.

CFO Jimmy Patronis described his “chance of the lifetime, flying on Air Force One.”

“This guy, he’s as humble as it gets,” Patronis said. “He cares about where we stand on things. Not where Washington stands on things.”

“It’s time Joe Biden leaves Washington for good,” Patronis said.

He noted that he called Florida as “over” in 2016 with the Panhandle still in the balance.

“Friends, it was lights out,” Patronis said.

State Sen. Doug Broxson wondered if “Vice President Biden and Harris would change this country to people that hate America, that don’t believe in America.”

“Can you believe a Governor or a Mayor would let your business burn to the ground,” Broxson asked, seemingly rhetorically.

Rep. Alex Andrade extolled President Trump as having “given a voice to the now not-so-silent majority.”

“I remember President Obama saying ‘you didn’t build that,'” Andrade said. “Thank goodness we have President Trump … the best President in my lifetime.”

Andrade noted that Trump, as opposed to other presidents of recent vintage, did not commit America to a new foreign war.

Michelle Salzman, who successfully primaried Rep. Mike Hill this year, said “our conservative roots run deep. Our conservative values run generations deep.”