“I Was the Nerd!” Gaetz Counters Maher’s Taunts with Offer to Debate

June 8, 2020
Hot Takes Press Room

Comedian Bill Maher took a swipe at Rep. Gaetz over the weekend, criticizing his tweet encouraging the government to hunt down Antifa terrorists.

“Matt Gaetz, you know this guy, the congressman from Florida – always looks like he’s saying ‘eat it nerd,’ he says, ‘Now that we can clearly see Antifa as terrorists, can we hunt them down?’”

Rep. Gaetz countered Maher’s taunts with an offer: let me come on the show and debate you.

“If you need me to prove how much of a nerd I am, invite me on your show, I’d love to come on. And by the way, if I was on Bill Maher’s show, I would be more than capable of pointing out the circumstances in which Antifa has damaged our communities,” Gaetz said on his Monday episode of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz.”


Gaetz says that his labeling of Antifa as a terrorist group or saying that they needed to be “hunted down” is not because he is a bully, but because he believes it is important to protect American communities from Antifa violence.

“What’s the point of enforcing an Antifa entity as a terrorist organization, if you aren’t willing to actually enforce the laws and bring them to justice?” Gaetz questioned.

“I was never the one picking on the nerd – I was the nerd.” Gaetz continued, citing his many years of high school debate, revealing that he truly is no bully, but a nerd himself.

Gaetz first extended his offer to debate Maher on Twitter Saturday, displaying his Florida state debate championship trophy to prove his accolades.

“Not a whole lot of bullies were on the HS debate team... nor won the award for top nerd. I have 20 weeks debate camp experience, sir, and I’d love to show off my misspent youth on your show,” Gaetz tweeted, punctuating his offer with #revengeofthenerds.

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