Gaetz Slams Antifa Following Project Veritas Expose

June 4, 2020
Hot Takes Press Room
Authored by Staff Writer

Congressman Gaetz ripped the domestic terrorist organization “Antifa” on his podcast “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz” Thursday, following a damning expose by Project Veritas exposing violent tactics used by the group.

“It's very clear that these are not folks engaged in politics. They are engaged in terrorism,” Congressman Gaetz said. “They want to gouge eyes, they want to harm, they want to disrupt. They want clearly to make a point at the edge of weaponry, and not at the tip of the tongue as political speech would dictate.”

President Trump announced on Sunday that “Antifa,” which purportedly stands for “Anti-Facist,” will be designated by the United States as a terrorist organization. The designation follows several days of unrest and riots around the country, with many peaceful protests being hijacked by violent members of the left-wing organization.


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Attorney General Willian Barr announced today that there is now evidence of foreign actors seeking to exploit the unrest caused by Antifa and other violent rioters, stating, “we have evidence that antifa and other similar extremist groups, as well as actors of a variety of different political persuasions have been involved in instigating and participating in the violent activity.”

In the video released Thursday by Project Veritas, members of the group can be heard encouraging violent action in group settings.

“Don’t be that f*****g guy with the g**damn spike brass knuckles getting photos taking of you. Police are going to be like, ‘perfect we can prosecute these f*****s look how violent they are, and not that we aren’t, but we need to f****g hide that s**t,” one of the group's members can be heard saying.



Congressman Gaetz slammed corporate media’s benign treatment of the terrorist organization and renewed his commitment to stand against the group.

“You’re not building stronger communities by burning things to the ground. And that's why, as the congressman for Florida's first congressional district, I will stand against Antifa, (and) against this domestic terrorist organization.”

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