Gaetz Says FCC is Unlikely to Reform Section 230, Reignites Call for DOJ Action

June 22, 2020
Hot Takes Press Room

Congressman Matt Gaetz reignited his call for action by the Department of Justice to hold Big Tech accountable. This comes just after FCC Commissioner Mike O’Reilly sheds serious doubt on the department’s ability to enact changes:


“Sean Moran with Breitbart does a write up on this interview, which essentially concludes, somewhat correctly I think, that if O'Reilly doesn't believe that 230 action or clarity can be provided by the FCC that it's very unlikely to happen just given the votes and given the Republican/Democrats split and the fact that these folks have staggered terms.”


“So we're going to need more than a committee vote,” Gaetz says. “We're going to need more than a discussion or a tweet or a criticism of social media platforms. We're going to need action and litigation. I strongly suggest you go check out my episode last week calling on Attorney General Barr to do more to get involved and to start filing lawsuits to enforce the antitrust provisions of law against these social media platforms that claim to be unbiased.”


Congressman Gaetz’s concerns arise from Big Tech’s blatant pattern of censorship and editorializing of conservative voices online, including President Donald Trump. 


“They claim to not be aggregators or curators but simply platforms, when the reality is they're going to do everything possible to stop the voters of this country from electing Donald Trump president. It is unfair. It should be considered unfair no matter what your political affiliation is because right now it's liberals, you know, who have developed these platforms who are hurting conservatives, but what if it were the other way around? And I think we've got to ensure that we have fair, free debate in this country and that it is not constrained by Silicon Valley.”


You can hear the rest of Congressman Matt Gaetz’s take on current events in today’s episode of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz.”


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