Gaetz on Iran Issuing Arrest Warrant for President Trump: "Our Deep State Already Tried This"

June 30, 2020
Hot Takes Press Room
“I’m not too worried that the President is gonna be turning himself over any time soon.”

Today on his podcast, “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz,” Congressman Gaetz recounts being with President Trump when he ordered the drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani.




Following that drone strike, Iran’s Attorney General issued a warrant for President Trump’s arrest.


Congressman Gaetz notes the Attorney General of Iran had stated President Trump "would be prosecuted as soon as he stands down from the Presidency.”


“In a way, Iran’s justice department is treating the President perhaps better than our own did at the beginning of his first term,” Gaetz offers. “I don’t know if anyone’s told Iran this, but our deep state has already tried this, and failed and they’re probably better than the Iranian deep state.”


“So,” Gaetz continues, “I’m not too worried that the President is gonna be turning himself over any time soon.”



Congressman Gaetz next affirms the President’s decision to eliminate Soleimani: “He [President Trump] made the right decision to kill Soleimani. Our position is stronger in the Middle East as a consequence, and we’re less likely to go to war as a consequence. I do not favor some new forever war with some new Middle Eastern country.”


Gaetz asserts that President Trump’s actions in the Middle East were right: “You’ve got to draw a red line, and unlike the Obama Administration, you’ve got to be willing to enforce it. The President did that in Syria, and then got us the hell out.”


“Now as a consequence of Soleimani being taken off the battle-field,” Gaetz concludes, “The Iranians have less infrastructure to be a malign influence And it didn’t take some invasion of Tehran, it didn’t take thousands of troops spending months of deployments and then doing it tens of times over and over again. It took effective technology, the exquisite reach of US lethality, and the strong leadership of President Trump.”



You can hear this and other great takes in today’s episode of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz.”