Gaetz Exposes the Democrats’ Motives for Targeting AG Barr

June 22, 2020
Hot Takes Press Room

Matt Gaetz accused of starting sex game in Florida legislature ...

Congressman Matt Gaetz blasted members of Congress on his podcast today for their willingness to prop up another impeachment sideshow targeting Attorney General William Barr. 


“...A strong, effective Attorney General serving the administration is proactive about ensuring that the work of the administration is reflected in the priorities of the Department of Justice. And when Nadler calls the Republican Senators who voted against impeachment ‘corrupt’, I guess he made a lot of news with that, but the reality is the investigation was corrupt. The Russia Hoax was corrupt. The more we see the extent to which evidence was changed, suppressed, withheld, doctored, we see that this entire endeavor to impeach Donald Trump has centered around the inability to beat him in a fair election or a fair debate and his desire to marginalize him instead of working with him on the policy issues that we should all be able to agree on.” 


Congressman Gaetz suggests the Democrats, now all out of options to corruptly remove President Trump from office, are targeting AG Barr to launch their next daytime drama:


“So, as we move now into the election, they've sort of, you know, shot their best shot in going after Trump with impeachment that was a miserable failure that didn't seem to help Democrats at all, certainly didn't help the country. But now, needing something to do, having no real policy priorities to help the American people, having no real agenda for the country, now, they want to start impeachment again, but I guess now as it relates to Bill Barr. But not actual impeachment, just hearings to try to embarrass the Attorney General and to try to give people a grievance opportunity that they actually got led by an Attorney General willing to show that leadership. So on Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee will be a hot environment, and I'll be there with my hot takes.”


You can hear the rest of Congressman Matt Gaetz’s take on current events in today’s episode of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz.”