Gaetz Calls On AG Barr To Use Litigation To Enforce Antitrust Laws

June 19, 2020
Hot Takes Press Room



On today’s podcast of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz”, Congressman Matt Gaetz called on Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice to utilize litigation to enforce antitrust laws that Big Tech ignores.


“But here's the problem: the Department of Justice is not doing enough today to enforce antitrust laws. That's right. Usually I'm not a critic of the Trump administration. I support the Trump administration but they need to be doing more. The Department of Justice needs to be doing more. Bill Barr needs to be doing more to enforce antitrust laws in litigation in actions against the companies that utilize their market power to redefine the nature of speech in this country.”


“And so while I appreciate the Attorney General's support of Senator Holly's legislation,” Gaetz says on his podcast, “I'm losing confidence in legislation as the mechanism by which we're going to solve this problem because so much of Congress is bought off by Big Tech.”


Congressman Gaetz goes on to describe how exactly the Department of Justice can move forward with this strategy and why it’ is critical to take this route:


“You go file the action, you get to discovery, and you force them to disclose the ways in which they determine what content is elevated and what content is suppressed. And when you find content that's been suppressed or shadow banned or demonetized, you then have a way to probe that decision making process. And what you're going to find is that it’s freaking political, so we need that, not an executive order strategy. We need a litigation strategy against Big Tech. Otherwise, we could have the greatest ideas, we could have the best branding, we could have best slogans, we could offer the best vision for the country, but it is not one that will ever be fairly absorbed or fairly even presented because these online platforms have developed too much power to constrain and control speech, and it's time we speak out against them…”


You can hear the rest of Congressman Matt Gaetz’s take on current events in today’s episode of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz.”