Big Tech to Testify in Bipartisan Antitrust Probe

July 6, 2020
Hot Takes Press Room
"I can’t wait to fight for consumers and to fight for freedom online"

“Big breaking news,” Gaetz announces on today’s episode of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz,” “The CEOs of the major technology companies in the United States of America are coming before the House Judiciary Committee to testify in our ongoing bipartisan antitrust probe.”



These CEOs will be “sitting next to one another before the House Judiciary Committee answering questions about their compliance with antitrust laws, with their anticompetitive practices, and with a real understanding as to how our existing laws tend to benefit, protect, and indemnify big tech.”


The congressman says that after examining the practices of Big Tech outlets and reviewing the expository work of Project Veritas, it is obvious that companies such as Apple and Amazon are censoring American consumers. Congressman Gaetz believes that two areas will be addressed, the first one being products.


“There are,” he says, “Circumstances and experiences  that we have uncovered in our investigation where people submit their products and then Amazon finds a way to steal the IP, replicate the tech, and then provide the product at a lower cost, harming the innovator who is often American and benefiting a manufacturer willing to cheat, often in China.”



The next major area the congressman mentions is “the extent to which entities like Google and Facebook in particular curate the information that they want and enhance it, and then suppress the information that is not consistent with their political beliefs.”


Gaetz says that according to Project Veritas, “The very people who are engineering and tending to these algorithms and reviewing the content are pretty brazen in their unguarded moments about their willingness to harm people that say MAGA, or Donald Trump, or America first.”


The congressman cites Apple Podcasts as an example: “You can find podcasts now that are way elevated in the rankings beyond their subscriptions, beyond their plays, beyond their ratings just by virtue of the fact that their content seems to lead into this recharge sense of American wokeness. It doesn’t have to do with objectivity.”



Congressman Gaetz disagrees with the view that Antitrust Laws, designed to protect the consumer, are unconstitutional. The congressman says, “That is not the view that I hold. When you look at the power that these technologies have to define society, and life, and commerce, and speech, it simply cannot be ignored.”


Gaetz asserts that “the laws that we have do give us tools to go in and modify conduct and modify the consumer experience. The question will be whether or not we have the bipartisan will to execute on those existing laws.”


He concludes: “I think that we can do it. I think we should do it . . . It will be a historic hearing in the Congress. I’ll be there and I can’t wait to fight for consumers and to fight for freedom online.”




You can hear more about Congressman Gaetz’s views on big tech in today’s episode of “Hot Takes with Matt Gaetz.”